Author: Corey Husic


Where are the birds?

I don’t know where the birds are. I’ve been in the city of Ketapang for about a week now, and I’ve managed to find only seven species of birds. Seven. Three swifts, a swallow, a bulbul, a sparrow, and a munia. That’s it. It’s not like Ketapang is some bustling

Arrival in Borneo

I severely neglected this blog while I was in Uganda. I plan to share those stories and photographs at some point, but for now, there are more current tales to tell! Two days ago, I arrived here in Ketapang—a small city located on the western coast of the island of

The big bats of Kampala

A few nights ago, I ended up on the roof of the hostel enjoying a sundowner along with most of the other guests here. We shared our travel stories and plans while watching the horizon turn to orange through the hazy Kampala air. I found myself a bit distracted from

Where I am. (Where I’m going.)

I’m having a staring contest with a lizard. He’s doing his best to keep an eye on me without leaving the cover of a little gap in the roofing next door. It’s the height of the second wet season here in Uganda. Drier than the first wet season, they say.